How will Obamacare Repeal Affect Family Planning in Colorado?


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The new Republican Government

How Will an Obamacare Repeal Affect Family Planning in Colorado?  

The Affordable Care Act now covers about 20 million people nationwide. Coverage by ACA, plus shrinking unemployment, has helped put the uninsured rate in Colorado at historic lows – down to 6.7% in 2015. That translates to 419,000 people in Colorado who obtained insurance since the ACA was enacted in 2010 …

What will happen to all when Obamacare is repealed? This article focuses on possible changes to family planning services in Colorado as Obamacare is rolled back.

Source: Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

When I wrote this piece on family planning in Colorado a couple days ago, I had no idea Trump would act within hours of inauguration to dismantle a law that has helped tens of millions get healthcare. I am proudly marching today for human rights. Health care is not optional in one of the richest countries in the world.

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