Maternal mortality rising in the US

Pregnancy image

A recent New York Times article, “America’s Shocking Maternal Deaths,” was aptly titled. I was genuinely shocked that we’ve seen a nearly 25% increase in maternal deaths across the US, in contrast to the trends in the rest of the world, where rates have been dropping over the last quarter century. The article didn’t specifically mention my home state of Colorado, though. I did some digging, and found that Colorado is not immune from this virtual epidemic of maternal deaths in recent years. The actual number of women who die from pregnancy, childbirth or complications of childbirth is extremely small in the developed world, so no statistically significant conclusions can be drawn, but there has been a spike in maternal deaths here starting in 2013 that is troublesome…Read more in the full article:  Shocking Maternal Mortality in Colorado.

Colorado is one of 49 states and the District of Columbia that saw a jump in maternal deaths in the past quarter century, bucking worldwide trends that saw a 44% decrease over the same period. How did this happen?

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