Creating the (Physical and Mental) Space to Write

“But one’s ‘space to write’ goes beyond the tangible: we also need the mental space to tell our stories.” Four bloggers reflect on what kind of space they need to write.

via Creating the (Physical and Mental) Space to Write — Discover

Wow – seeing as I haven’t posted all summer, this post on ‘finding space’ to write seems meant especially for me. But I suspect it speaks to a larger theme that many of us have in our lives, writers or not: finding the time and space for things we care about that (a) aren’t paying (at least right now), and (b) are not related to the needs of family, friends, coworkers, church, school, or other community members. Why do we put ourselves last? And why do we try to cram so much into our busy lives?

One thought on “Creating the (Physical and Mental) Space to Write”

  1. Hi Gwen, I am a writer who finds herself writing mostly at the invitation of others. Even my story of Standing Rock, which I am honored that you share in a later blog post, was created because two people asked me to share my story in writing. Perhaps in these times of challenge and growth, we can find / make the time to write when we see the benefit to others – and thereby reaping the rewards of doing what we love. As a creative woman, I like to think that I would create for art’s sake, for my sake, for my own nurturing, but experience shows me that I more often create at the invitation / request of others. May you be well, and may your writing help keep you whole. May I invite you to write a response? 🙂

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